Policy and campaigns

We’re campaigning for the fair and humane immigration system that people, families and businesses need to thrive


Immigration policy

The UK needs an immigration system that’s fair, that upholds the rule of law, and helps people and businesses to succeed. Find out how we’re making this a reality.

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Integration policy

Britain needs a national strategy to support integration so we can make the most of the vast opportunities immigration and diversity have to offer. Our policy proposals are based on the perspectives and experience of people who are building their lives in the UK. Working with government, businesses and the community, we can build a society where everyone can belong.

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Asylum policy

The UK has a proud history of helping victims of persecution. We’re working to ensure people who come to us in need of protection are treated fairly and that we have a system that upholds human rights.

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Statelessness policy

The human costs of statelessness are harrowing. Stateless people are left at risk of destitution, homelessness, exploitation and unlimited immigration detention. Our mission is to give people with no nationality a chance to have their life back.

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We’re campaigning for the fair and humane immigration system that people, families and businesses need to thrive.

Media Contact

Media and press enquiries

We are regularly asked to comment on news stories and to join expert panels and events. Get in touch with our press office here.

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Protection Gap Campaign

Women and girls who have fled the world’s most brutal wars and repressive countries fall through a protection gap in the UK asylum system. Many of them have been raped or have experienced domestic violence, but they are not given the basic protections that we…

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Lift the Ban

People who have fled violence to seek safety in the UK are denied the ability to work to support themselves. We’re supporting the Lift the Ban campaign to change this

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