Partnering with us

We believe that our communities are strongest when everyone works together. There are so many opportunities for your staff and your business to get involved in projects that have a real impact on people's livelihoods.

We work with migrants and refugees to promote stronger, integrated communities, civic and economic activity, and champion social justice. Our vision is of a British society that is genuinely inclusive, where everyone can belong no matter what their starting point.

We aim to build corporate relationships that are strategically aligned and mutually beneficial. This means that by partnering with Consonant you will be promoting your core values and your corporate brand with an organisation that shares your vision, while investing in people and build stronger communities.

Why partner with Consonant?

Research has shown that consumers are looking for more than just great quality products and services. They are concerned about what a company is doing to ensure it has a positive impact on the community. 89% of consumers think businesses should support a charity, with 47% of these saying they are more likely to buy from those companies.

Consonant has been helping people succeed and contribute to their communities  for over thirty years. Every aspect of our work is informed and led by the people we help. As a charity that is led by migrants, many of whom are former service users themselves, we are uniquely positioned to understand and address the needs and challenges faced by migrants and the wider community.

A charity partnership with Consonant means numerous opportunities for your company and its staff to see, first-hand, the extraordinary difference you are making in people’s lives. By partnering with Consonant, you can achieve your CSR goals while making communities in Britain more resilient and prosperous, improving the lives of thousands of people.

How your company can improve lives and build stronger communities.

By partnering with Consonant, your company can play a central role in projects that are empowering people to be successful, and to contribute to their communities. There are many ways your company can have a lasting, positive impact and these are only some suggestions:

  • Donating: Projects like ours exist only because of the generosity of our dedicated supporters who we hugely appreciate. There are many ways to give, and many ways to leave a lasting impact on our organisation and the people we serve.
  • Fundraising: If you want to help in a way that engages your staff and your customers, consider organising a fundraising event. We have many ideas we would love to share with you. Fundraising can act a great team building experience and can have a huge impact on people’s lives while promoting your company’s brand.
  • Professional skill sharing: What better way to make an impact than by using your strengths to help others excel? That’s what skill sharing is all about – involving your talented and knowledgeable staff in delivering classes and workshops on the subject you master. Not only could your involvement transform people’s lives, but your own staff will have a very rare opportunity to connect with a diverse range of people and witness, first-hand, impact being made. Skill sharing is also an excellent opportunity to develop the skills and experience of your staff.
  • Space: Our goals are ambitious, and we are always looking to reach out to more people further afield. If your organisation has training rooms, lecture theatres, or meeting space which you can offer on a regular basis and are interested in using them to help people learn new skills and have a more prosperous future, then talk to our team.

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Our partners

From local businesses to multi-national banks, we’ve created meaningful and mutually-beneficial partnerships that help the community. Find out about some of them here.

Red Brick Road

Red Brick Road

The staff at Red Brick Road, an integrated creative agency in London, used their talent for developing engaging media to help us get our message to new and wider audiences. Over numerous meetings their team learned about the problems faced by refugees in the UK and produced a 90 second film as part of our fundraising appeal.

Watch Nina's interview here. Speaking about the film which was nominated for an industry award, Matt Davis, Executive Creative Director at Red Brick Road said: “This film is simply about telling a true story in the most dignified, evocative way possible. As such we have something we are really proud of that can make a real difference.”



In partnership with Pilotlight, we worked with a team of six high-performing Vice Presidents from across different departments at Barclay's. Over four months the team was challenged to use their considerable skills and expertise, and work together to analyse trends and make proposals to grow or legal services.



We love it when we get to build a partnership that really brings out the best on both sides. That's what happens when we welcome teams of professionals from Deloitte to provide bespoke training workshops for our service users. Teams from Deloitte were challenged to planned and deliver a series of events in our office on something they are experts in - careers advice, job applications and acing interviews.

Delivering these sessions, Deloitte staff got to see first-hand how their expertise helped people overcome barriers to the workplace. Working as a team they got to apply their skills to a totally new project in a very different environment, empowering people to be economically active and contribute their own skills to society.