Our project, Asylum Aid, provides specialist advice so people like Nina are never alone when they are most in need. Watch Nina’s interview below, with an intro by Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow.

Everyone should be able to live without fear of violence, no matter what their gender, sexuality, or beliefs. Britain is a place that protects people, something we can be proud of.

When a person is forced to flee for their life, and comes to the UK like Nina did, they enter a tough and complicated legal process. Here they must relive traumatic experiences so authorities can decide whether they get protection – a life or death decision.

Every year Consonant (formerly Asylum Aid) helps over 400 of the most vulnerable people. Many are children and people like Nina who have suffered traumatic sexual violence and can’t afford a legal representative.

Consonant caseworkers give the right advice and support when people like Nina have nobody to turn to. Please donate today so that vulnerable people are #NeverAlone when their lives are in danger and they need our protection.