Neighbours Help

Neighbours help. The last few weeks have shown us that we depend on our neighbours now more than ever. The future of our organisation is under threat. Without your support, we will have to close our doors. This will mean that the support we give to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers will disappear.

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Migrants and those from migrant backgrounds support or society in so many ways – ways in which we are relying on today more than ever.

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Amanuel, our Head of Integration and Community Development, speaks about why our support of vulnerable migrants is so crucial, particularly in light of the Covid 19 public health crisis. Like many of those that Consonant helps, several of our staff are also from a refugee/ immigrant background.

Thank you for your support



Over the Easter weekend we will be running an Easter Competition

We would love you to decorate an Egg with an Easter Theme or draw a picture of an Easter Egg.

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The one with the most ‘likes’ will win a prize.

‘The Girl Who Lost Her Country’

(published by the Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion)

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Kids, see if you do better than your parents, we bet you can!!


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How Consonant helped our neighbour

Quote from a person who suffered from mental & physical illness and was granted leave to remain  as a stateless person in 2020 with Consonant’s help 

“When my previous leave to remain in the UK expired, I was experiencing a really difficult time in my life. I was confused about my situation. I couldn’t find a legal adviser to help me. My previous application had been dealt with by people who were responsible for me when I was a child. I didn’t have money to pay for legal help. When I did realise that my leave had expired, I felt like my life was crashing down around me. When Consonant said they could help, I didn’t feel so alone anymore.

When I was granted leave to remain in the UK again, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I was so, so happy. I feel like now I have a future again, and I hope I can do something with my life. Without Consonant, I wouldn’t be able to move forward.”

*Name changed to protect privacy

How Consonant helped our neighbour

From a client who was recognised as a British citizen after making a Nationality Status application

‘I never thought I would win this battle but I did and I wouldn’t of done it without Consonant. They worked hard and looked at all the different various options, they assisted me with coping with what my journey of life had thrown at me…. Now my journey is a new exciting journey.

Consonant and my caseworker helped me achieve all this’

Name withheld for privacy