“You’ve not been prepared at all, so you obviously know it’s not going to go well, unless a miracle happens” (person seeking asylum, November 2017)

Other languages

This film is also available, with English subtitles, in:

Mushahadat biallughat alearabia – مشهالات باللغات العربية – Arabic 

Regardez en français – French

More languages will follow soon and will be posted here. Please check back for more details.


Information is power

People have too little information about the asylum appeals process and very little idea of what to expect. Understanding the process makes people more confident and less anxious so they can give clearer information. This means they have a higher chance of getting the protection they need. Our animated film explains what a person seeking asylum will see and do when going to their appeal.

Did you know

  • most asylum seekers do not speak or understand English fluently
  • the most common languages spoken by asylum seekers are French and Arabic
  • an asylum seeker can request an ALL female court
  • an asylum seeker can ask for a free interpreter
  • an asylum seeker can get a free ticket to travel
  • Although many people seeking asylum do not speak English when they arrive, they often speak more than one language.

We choose the languages that are most commonly spoken e.g. French serves for the whole of francophone Africa. We prioritise the languages to ensure that the languages spoken most by women are covered, as these sometimes get omitted.

With your help we will translate the film into as many languages as possible – your donation will help us to do this.