#consonantlive -


WOW – What a day – THANK YOU ALL 

We have had a great day today.


We have spoken to hundreds of people, supporters and service users, had some wonderful conversations and have been overwhelmed by your generosity. We have reconnected with people we had lost. Its been great


Our Winter Appeal, #consonantlive, is about building upon positive relationships.  Relationships with our service users and relationships with our supporters. We want to talk!!


The Appeal will continue for a few more weeks so there is still time to join in.


Thanks once again

#consonantlive … Its been great to talk!!

Please support our Appeal by donating using the links below - Thank you

Do you use our Services or Support us?

We would love to know what you think:

Improve and grow what we do

Offer more and different services

Perhaps offer classes at more convenient times

Offer social activities

And much more…


Could you help us to help others like you?


We would welcome the chance to talk:

What inspires you to support us

Is your gift doing what you want it to

How can we better communicate with you

Have we got your correct details and consents

Do we have your Direct Debit declaration


Can we discuss your giving?


#consonantlive is about building relationships. BUT your financial help is always appreciated. This year, if you already make a regular donation and are able to, we would ask you to raise the amount of your regular gift. If you do not currently give on a regular basis, we ask if you would consider setting up a regular donation. If neither of these options is possible, a one off gift to #consonantlive would also be appreciated.


You can set up a Direct Debit or make a one off gift via the links below.


We thank you for your support.


Empowering people through integration classes

Every year hundreds of individuals use our classes to improve their skills

Whether through English language class, help with understanding IT, building a CV or support finding a job, our centre in Tottenham Hale is a hub for bringing people, from all backgrounds, together to improve their lives.

Through attending classes or taking part in the many social activities we organise, such as ‘Walks through the Walthamstow Wetlands’, people come together to develop their skills and build long term friendships.

All part of becoming involved in a the wider community.

You can help us achieve more through:


Protecting people through legal representation

Navigating the complexities of the UK ‘s immigration, especially for the vulnerable or for someone whose first language is not English, can be a traumatic experience.

Our team of dedicated solicitors and caseworkers are passionate about solving complex legal cases for individuals and their families. Our work allows people to make a life in the UK a life of safety and protection, allowing them to flourish and thrive.

We represent about 400 cases a year at no cost to the individual – this barely scratches the surface of those who need our help as our recent ‘no appointment – drop in sessions’ prove. Thirty or forty people drop by every time we hold these. We would love to help them all!! 

You can help us achieve more through:




Supporting free representation through earning

The increase in need for free representation has led to us diversifying our income.

Recently we started to offer a fee service for some legal services, such as some of the documentation people need following Brexit to allow them to stay, live and work in the UK.

We aim to be more than competitive on price, providing a much needed service to those on lower incomes. Where we do this, 100% of the profits go to supporting those people vulnerable people at the most vulnerable point in their lives.

You can help us achieve more through: